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    Lana has found a forever home! Congratulations Lana! 

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  1. Deborah Nava says:

    Sorry, 1 of my dogs bounced on my laptop ;) We recently rescued a stray little Chi Pug (‘Chug’ or ‘Pughuhua’) in our neighborhood. Poor little guy must’ve been left, don’t know how people can do that. But this little guy is the most loving and affectionate dog you could ever meet. We had to get him fixed and he’s the best dog ever. We have 3 other dogs, all Chi mix rescues. They get along perfectly. All dogs are unique but the personality of a happy chipug will steal your heart. If I could, I would definately adopt her, that’s how much I love these little dogs! Thanks Mayte 4 all U do 4 animals! U R such an inspiration 2 me!