I am an animal lover and advocate for animal rights and safety.. I started my rescue about 3 years ago when I saw a trash can full of euthanized dogs and cats from a shelter on facebook.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. I used to visit Puerto Rico and see stray dogs everywhere.  my grandmother used to rescue so I know it’s in my blood. I started a small rescue,  rescuing from acquaintences that were moving or couldn’t keep the dog anymore then I finally made friends with rescuers/transporters and started to pull from shelters.. I met some amazing people in Miami dade animal shelter and started pulling there too.. we are growing and my goal is to start a store in California where I can house my rescues and rehabilitate them in a “home-like” environment. I will transport and make sure that every animal that comes to my rescue ends up with a warm bed and the love  of a family . But we need donations to continue to rescue these animals until I get my investors and location ready.. that’s why I set this up.. to continue to save animals until my store is ready. we don’t make any money.. this money is to vet, board, treat, transport,supply and feed these angels. please donate and know you have rescued one of these precious beings from a life of fear and sickness not knowing the love of a family.