Lucy/Rhea & Rosie

Rhea knows sit, stay, down, and reach for the sky. It’s the funniest thing ever when she does that. She’s still having some issues with her leash manners but she doesn’t jump on people any more so that’s a plus! She loves bath time and car rides and barking at nothing when she goes outside to play. And she never wants to go out without one of her sweaters on, and yes she does pick out which one she wants to have on and only daddy can take it off when he gets home.
Rosie is a 54 pound bundle of love that never leaves my side and is obsessed with my bump. She knows sit, stay, down, heal, come to heal, and walk at heal. Her least manners are amazing. She still loves to jump on new people to get kisses and then she just wants her belly rubbed. She always wants to go on a car ride and will sit by the jeep and whine even if we’re not going anywhere. Her best friend is persephone and she loves giving that cat a bath. She is scared to death of the little kitten though😂

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